change origin of github repo from 'https:'' To 'ssh'

Recently, while trying to push to a new repo on Github, I kept getting this error: “remote: Invalid username or password.
fatal: Authentication failed for ‘‘“.

It took me a bit to realize that I had accidentally cloned the https: version of the repo instead of the ssh version.

Here’s the fix.

git remote -v
git remote remove origin
git remote add origin

This deletes that which points to the https: and adds the ssh version of the repo.

Django Interview Questions

Here’s a list, in no particular order, of Django specific questions that I’ve heard come up in interviews for Django jobs. If you know of any or can think of any that aren’t on here, let me know in the comments and I’ll include them.

What is WSGI?

WSGI stands for Web Server Gateway Interface. The server passes requests to the WSGI interface which runs your application, i.e. your Python code. Some examples of standard WSGI implementations include Gunicorn (Green Unicorn), uWSGI or mod_wsgi. has a great overview of WSGI here.

Angular Interview Questions

Interview questions related to the Angular Javascript Framework. Most come from actual interviews, but some I just think would make good interview questions.

What is ‘inversion of control’ (IoC)?
For an in-depth look at IoC, see this Martin Fowler write-up and here for how it relates to Dependency Injection.

Basically, in IoC, instead of your code telling the system what actions to take, the system itself (in this case Angular) tells which portions of your code to run and what resources to use.

Here’s a nice post covering IoC in Node.js, specifically.

Name one difference between factory and service.
A Factory returns a JavaScript object containing functions, while a service does not need to do so.